About Us

So, who is ExpoMerch?

You know all the great swag you bring home from a trade show? That’s us! 

ExpoMerch not only supplies the giveaways that you can’t get enough of, we also manage and supply the expo merchandise store that you buy all the cool expo swag from. 

But wait, there’s more. That branded tote bag, journal book, and pen you meant to take notes on while attending one of the conferences but ended up with your head down in your phone the whole time? That’s us too. So, basically, it’s anything with a logo or message on. 

Need us to help you with an event of your own or have an idea for a great product and/or giveaway? Send us a note, even if it's a good joke that you want to share with us, we’d like to hear from you.

 And next time you’re out wearing some of that cool merch, think of us at ExpoMerch. Who knows, send us a note or picture and you might just get some free merch in return!